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Meaning of Jeeva 

Jeeva in Sanskrit means the immortal essence of a living organism. Jeeva is a commonly used term in India. In a broader sense it is ‘Life’ itself – your life, my life. In a deeper sense it means our inner Self (that’s separate from our physical body & emotions) residing inside each one of us.

What is Jeeva Lifestyle?

Jeeva Lifestyle is a journey towards a “mindful”  lifestyle which incorporates ancient ayurvedic wisdom with modern western practicality.

Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle to discover our inner Self = Jeeva Lifestyle!

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Pillars of Jeeva

  • Healthy Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten Free/ Raw Recipes
  • Ayurvedic Recipes
  • Articles on Ayurveda
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Spiritual Inspiration and Quotes

Jeeva Philosophy 

Real change comes with a conscious mind and not with a fearful mind!  

We live in a fear-provoking society. Each and every day, we are constantly bombarded (through television, internet, magazines, social interactions) with fear of disease, fear of rejection, fear of losing relationships, fear of old age …you get the point!

These provoking fears push us to take some kind of action…fear sells!! We are pushed to take care of health because we are fearful of getting sick, we are pushed to exercise because we want to impress our loved one with the “perfect figure”, we are pushed to buying things which we really don’t need because we want to fit in our friend’s circle and the list goes on… we start taking action on a wrong footing of “fear” and this is not a real change but a temporary fix!

We are goal-oriented species – a.k.a. human beings! For a real change to take place we need to have a real lofty goal ahead of us which will lead us to our ultimate destination!

Ayurveda advocates in order to live a wholesome life; we need to look at life’s “big picture”. The main goal of ayurveda is to lead us back to our perfect state of well-being: physically, mentally, and spiritually. This perfect state is our Jeeva!

Instead of using fear (by nature is low energy and tamasic) as a crutch, Jeeva Lifestyle philosophy is to embrace ayurveda’s “top-down approach” to mindful lifestyle by keeping the highest goal in front to regain our perfect state!

Here, you will find recipes, articles that will empower, encourage, and motivate you, to do the “right” thing for your Jeeva.


Jeeva Lifestyle is intended to give you information about healthy recipes, ayurvedic articles based on personal experience and research. Information on this website should not be considered as medical advice. Please consult your ayurvedic practitioner or physician for health treatment.


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