Ayurvedic BerryPrash (Immune Booster Jam)

Introducing Ayurvedic BerryPrash – keeping healthy, Ayurvedic way!
I read an interesting article today, which talked about how humidity level plays a big role in the seasonality of the flu occurrences.
Ayurvedic Berryprash (JeevaLifestyle.com)

The summer has been fairly mild for Phoenix this year, and this morning it poured heavily making the air humid and dull. No complaints…will take this anytime to scorching 110 + degrees!!! We, Phoenicians are not used to high humidity and dampness as we are dressed with dry weather almost throughout the year…this willy-nilly change can stir up imbalance in our kapha dosha.

We are not into Fall or Winter season yet, already there is good share of…. coughs, colds, sneezes, sniffles our way!! Truth be told – “germs are everywhere”! We can’t control the germs to not make us sick but what we can control is our IMMUNITY! Per Ayurveda, cold and flu manifest in the body primarily due to an increase in kapha/vata dosha.

The proven remedy for building up strong immunity is the age-old Ayurvedic Chawanprash! Sudden change in the weather, my mom would make sure to give me two heaped tablespoons of this jam every day before going to school. I never remember taking flu vaccines growing up in India, and I never remember falling sick either…back then, life was much simpler, natural, un-complicated, pampered with the loving care of my dear mother….

Ayurvedic BerryPrash (cartoon created by toondoo)

The main ingredient in the Ayurvedic herbal jam (Chawanprash) is Amla also called as the Indian Gooseberry. Traditional Chawanprash is quite sweet to taste made with base ingredients of ghee (clarified butter) and rock candy cooked to a jam like consistency with almost 20 plus different spices and herbs. Here in US, it’s hard to get amla fruit.

So, here is my simpler version of “Berry”prash using assorted organic seasonal berries in place of Amla. This herbal jam is sweet and tart to taste infused with warm spices to re-kindle the digestive fire (agni) in a base of organic coconut oil and organic coconut sugar.

Ayurvedic BerryPrash (Ingredients) JeevaLifestyle.com

In my recipe I mention 1 cup of coconut sugar for folks who like it quite sweet. I like to have this jam on a little tarty side so I add maybe close to ¾ cup. The jam does tend to get tarty the next day and you can add little more sugar to it if you like.

You can also make this Berryprash the traditional way by using ghee and rock candy if you are not a strict vegan. You can have this jam in the mornings on your toast, on a waffle or just eat it like a kid 2 heaped teaspoonfuls…yummmm! :)

Ayurvedic BerryPrash (2) JeevaLifestyle.com

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