Ayurvedic Detox Kitchari (Kitchari Kit Giveaway!!)

Kitchari has been Ayurveda’s age old signature detox dish! The word “kitchari” (pronounced kitch-a-ree) in India means mixture of two or more grains.Traditonal Kitchari is made by mixing white basmati rice and split yellow mung dal. In recent years, this dish has gotten huge popularity in US and other western countries.

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The reason this dish is revered highly in Ayurveda is mainly because it balances all the three doshas – Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. Kitchari has been a staple food in India for many, many years and is eaten mainly for its amazing taste and texture, the long list of health benefits is an added side benefit! :)

Some of the Benefits of Eating Kitchari

1.Easily prepared 

2.Easily digested

3.Nutrient rich

4.Complete Protein

5.Builds vitality and strength

6.Excellent detox dish

7.Kitchari spices bring aroma, flavor and reawakens the digestive fire (agni)

8.Cleanses toxins from bodily tissues

9.Restores sagging energy

10.Dish acts as a medicine to bring the body in a balanced state

I love making and eating a big bowl of kitchari, its a very satisfying and relaxing experience for me. The fresh spices fill up my kitchen with an appetizing aroma and this naturally takes me to a higher alleviated energy! 

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The secret to a great tasting dish lies in the spices used! Kitchari uses the right kind of spices in the right proportion to give you not only a comforty warm tasting meal but the medicinal benefits of the spices aid in proper digestion, assimilation, and elimination – which in turn makes this a high powered detox meal!

You can make this recipe in less than 30 mins, using a Kitchari Spice Mix. This pre-made mix makes it so easy to prepare the dish and tastes awesome!!

Ingredients: (3-4 servings)

1 cup Basmati Rice
1⁄2 cup yellow Mung Dal
3 teaspoons Kitchari Spice Mix
1 tablespoon Sesame oil
4-6 cups Water
1 – 2 cups chopped seasonal Veggies (optional)

Ayurvedic Kitchari (rice dhal)

Wash rice and mung dal and soak overnight. In a medium saucepan warm the sesame oil. Add the kitchari spice mixture and sauté for one to two minutes. Add rice and mung beans and sauté for another couple of minutes. Then add water and bring to a boil. Once the kitchari has come to a boil reduce the heat to medium-low. Cover and cook until it is tender (approx. 30-45 minutes). Kitchari is done when it is soft and mushy to touch.Traditional Kitchari does not include any veggies. It is eaten plain and simple.

If you are adding vegetables to your kitchari, add the longer cooking vegetables such as carrots and beets halfway through the cooking. Add the vegetables that cook faster such as leafy greens near the end. Add more water if needed. Kitchari can be made in different consistency, typically if eating as a detox dish it is made like a stew, if eating like a rice dish you can make it the way I have it in the photo and eat it with a side dish or a curry.

Now to the best part, a BIG thanks to Banyan Botanicals as they are doing a Kitchari Kit Giveaway to promote the amazing health benefits of this dish. One lucky winner will be getting the entire kit to make this super-healthy dish which contains –

7 day supply Organic Basmati Rice (3.5 lbs)

7 day supply Organic Mung Dal (1.63 lbs)

1 bag Kitchari Spice Mix (3.5 oz)

1 Organic Unrefined Sesame Oil (16 fl oz) (ghee is replaced with sesame oil)

Kitchair Kit (wt sesame oil)

With this generous giveaway, you have no excuses but to try out this amazing recipe!! You can also watch the video on how to make Kitchari.

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The winner will be chosen randomly on February 3rd and will be announced on both JeevaLifestyle and Banyan Botanicals facebook page.The Kitchari Kit will be mailed directly to the lucky winner by Banyan Botanicals.

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