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What Does Ayurveda Say To Eat In The Spring Season?

The best season of the year undoubtedly has to be the spring season! All of Mother Nature comes alive; everything around us is blooming and the birds are chirping…so pretty and energizing! To enjoy nature’s beautiful canvas, we need to know how to eat properly so that we don’t get bogged down with allergies, watery eyes, ...Read More

Beat The Summer Heat with Ayurveda

Today (June 20th) is the summer solstice day – the official first day of summer! But here in Phoenix we are already into the brutal summer season with temps hitting almost 120 degrees …insanely hot!!! We live in the desert and high degree temps are a norm of life but hitting more than 115 degrees and ...Read More

One Ayurvedic Ritual Resulting in Weight Loss, Increased Energy, Clarity Of Mind….

Yes…it’s hard to believe…isn’t it?!! Practice just this ONE daily ritual in your life and you will be amazed to see the long list of benefits Ayurveda bestows on you! Maintaining your ideal weight to your body constitution, strong immunity, clarity of mind, increased energy and focus who doesn’t want this to ...Read More

Ayurvedic Rituals to help you achieve your Healthy New Year Goals!

Happy New Year!!! 2016 is here as we bid good bye to 2015…one more year gone by…hopefully everyone of us has gotten wiser along with getting older by a year Everywhere in the world the ‘New Year’s Day’ is arbitrarily picked to make ambitious goals, prioritize life and even to re-evaluate the life lived. For ...Read More

Ayurveda for Women’s Well-Being (Upcoming Webinar & Video)

By popular demand, I am excited to let you know, Fall of 2015, will be doing an Ayurvedic series on women’s issues. Our first series kicks off with PCOS issues. Here is your chance to pre-register for this event. Don’t miss this opportunity. Pre-register with your name and email below.   ...Read More

Amla and Feminine Health

According to Ayurveda, a woman’s health is directly related to her menstrual cycles. Regular menstrual cycle is not just meant for conception and pregnancy. This process aids in detoxification of our bodily toxins and is highly regarded in Ayurveda for every woman to feel grounded, feminine, and most importantly get connected with ...Read More

Mindful Eating To Honor Our Mother Earth!

Today is Earth Day (April 22nd). I was thinking what should I write that reflects my reverence and gratefulness, to our beloved Mother Earth. Growing up in the Eastern culture in India, very early on I was absorbed in the tradition of embracing, our Earth as the mother (feminine) aspect of Creation. It makes a lot ...Read More

Why Break The Fast With The Right Breakfast?

We have heard it a zillion times – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you believe this? I didn’t in the beginning until I started listening to my body and taking good care of it. We are proficient at taking care of other’s in our family, but conveniently ...Read More

Spring is here… say “S” to Smoothies, Salads, Soups!!

Spring season is my favorite time of the year!! As mother nature moves from cold, dark winter days into warm, chirpy spring the pace of life takes on a new speed and a brighter meaning. Don’t you agree? When I see the fragrant blooms of this beautiful pink jasmine in my front ...Read More

Get To The Root Of Turmeric For Vibrant Health

Turmeric is one spice I use daily in my cooking, every day of the year and especially more during the winter season. For thousands of years,Turmeric holds a venerable position in Ayurveda for it’s wide spectrum of medicinal uses and equally important as a flavorful culinary spice.  Picture from: greenprophet.com Ayurveda and ...Read More