Dosha And Specific Stress Response

What is Stress per Ayurveda?

Do you think “stress” exists in our daily environment by which we can get infected? Is there a ‘stress bug’ that spreads to become an epidemic?

Dosha Response to Stress

Per Ayurveda, stress does not exist in our environment nor there is a thing called ‘stress bug’ floating around in the atmosphere.

Ayurveda defines stress as our “chosen” response to a particular event or a circumstance. In my opinion then, stress is merely an outcome of our “chosen wrong” response to what is happening around us! Our thoughts will weave the story to tell us about an event happened resulting in an exhilaration or an emotional outburst. So, it’s the thoughts in our mind that creates stress and not the event or a circumstance.

Stress Shattered Glass Word Cloud ConceptFew choices to relieve stress –

  • Tune in to your body
  • Live “your” life not someone else’s
  • Make time for Introspection
  • Recreation/Meditation
  • Embrace Spontaneity
  • Have fun breaks through out the day

How do you combat stress in your daily life? Please share your thoughts.


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