Gorgeous Green Smoothie

Get gorgeous with this perfect spring time smoothie!! Sweet to taste and loaded with antioxidants, this green drink is a perfect afternoon pick me up. Gorgeous Green Smoothie
So easy to make and super healthy for you. I like using kale, you could use any greens you like – spinach, chard go well. Perfectly ripe pear and strawberries make this smoothie extra delicious!!

Ayurveda tells us when we eat perfectly ripe fruits in the right season they are ‘amrut’ meaning pure nectar for our bodies. Fresh fruits (preferably organic) are considered to have the highest ‘prana’ (life energy), you will notice a sudden surge of energy and overall happiness from eating them. To maximize digestion and assimilation its important to have fruits early in the morning or on an empty stomach. It’s not beneficial to have fruits right away after a heavy meal, this eventually leads to indigestion and accumulation of toxins in the body.

I like using Vitamix to make my smoothies, it does an amazing job and cleaning is a breeze!

Growing up in India, I never got to taste pear.First time I tasted pear was here in US, I just loved it!!!! This fruit reminds me a lot of Indian guavas.

Pear- Strawberry SmoothieAyurvedic Benefits of Pear

  • Balancing for all doshas (tridoshic)
  • Light, sweet, and cooling in nature
  • Energy boosting
  • Hormone balance
  • Laxative and good source of fiber

Ayurvedic Benefits of Strawberries

  • Heating in nature
  • Sweet and sour to taste
  • Vata balancing
  • Pitta aggravating
  • Kapha balancing


Greens are considered most nutritious amongst all vegetables. Its important to include leafy greens in our daily meals to keep our bodies hydrated with liquid nutrition. I like to use lacinato kale in my smoothies, the curly kale tends to bring more dryness in my smoothie.

Lacinato-KaleAyurvedic Benefits of Kale

  • Balancing for Pitta and Kapha
  • Vata aggravating (when eaten raw)
  • Cooling in nature
  • Skin nourishing
  • Regulates menstrual cycles
  • High mineral content helps in menopause

Sip this smoothie outdoors, enjoying the gorgeous spring weather!!


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