How my Breakfast Compote turns into an Ayur Facial Toner

I must confess, I have a super-sensitive skin!! It takes no time for breakouts to show up on my face. Pure organic ingredients going inside and outside my body, in my opinion is priceless

Ayur Toner (1) JeevaLifestyle.comNow that, we are in the Fall season, our bodies have to get rid of excess pitta accumulated during the summer. The body in order to acclimatize for the fall season, will start flushing out excess pitta in the form of breakouts that can happen all over the body, sluggish digestion, lethargy, irritation…

Ayurveda emphasizes to pay attention to one’s body especially during changing seasons; this is when we get to know first-hand if our bodies are in tune and balanced with nature or it needs to be brought back in rhythmic balance to the Mother Nature.

I have been noticing in myself, lot of symptoms that point me to pitta imbalance. During the day, have noticed I do lose my temper easily, my digestion is not at an optimal level that I am used to, and yes have had several painful breakouts on my face. So, this is the time I know my body is giving me signs to slow down; pay attention to my diet and cut back on my rigorous exercise.

So, to bring my pitta in balance, it starts with my breakfast – I put aside my cereals and whole grain breads and it’s time to start enjoying sweet fruit compote!!  My favorite combo is using perfectly ripe pear + aromatic rose petals + sweet prunes = divinely scrumptious!!

Ayurvedic Pitta Balancing Compote:

  • 1 perfectly ripe organic Pear
  • 1-2 tbsp organic Rose Petals
  • 4-5 soaked organic Prunes 
  • 1/4 tsp Cardamom powder (optional)
  • 1/4 tsp Cinnamon powder (optional)
  • approx 1 cup Water (as needed)

Ayur Toner (2)

This is very simple to make. Compote is generally made with sugar syrup, here I am using natural sweetener – prunes. If you like it sweeter you can also use dates or figs which makes it even more scrumptiously delicious. :)

In a stockpot add cubed pears, rose petals and prunes. Now pour about 1 cup of water and simmer it for about 15-20 mins on low-med heat. You know it’s done right when everything turns mushy (as shown in the picture above). You can add spices to bring extra oomph to the compote, add it just before switching off the heat.

The sweetness of the pear and the soothing aroma of organic rose petals blissfully pacifies my pitta dosha. You got to try this recipe and then you’ll know what I mean…

While having my compote one day…it occurred to me the liquid that stays behind can become an excellent pitta balancing toner!!
Ayur Tonic (3) JeevaLifestyle.comHow can you go wrong with the ingredients like rose petals and pear…right?! That’s how my Ayur Facial Toner was born…yay!! I applied this on my face for few days and my skin started to look smoother and clearer. It’s hard to keep up with pitta dominant skin which is super sensitive, but this toner works for me! :)

I always wondered how wonderful would it be to “literally” eat what you apply on your face! Today I am living my dream…when you make a conscious choice to take care of your body first miraculously all other things start changing around you for good and in no time you will see everything in your house becomes all natural healthy harmonious environment. It just starts with taking one small step – listen to your inner voice, honor your body, honor your Jeeva!

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