Home-made Ice Cream!! (Raw, Vegan, Dairy Free, No Sugar)

I was craving for some creamy delicious ice cream today but did not get tempted to go to Cold Stone creamery or Baskin Robbins, instead went straight ahead for some frozen fruits in the freezer.

Home-made Ice Cream

This is super delicious and super healthy compared to store bought ice creams laden with all un-natural ingredients and preservatives and not to mention high in sugar!!

2 Frozen Bananas
1/2 Frozen Mango
3-4 fresh cut Strawberries
4 tbsp Nut Milk/Water
2 tsp shaved Chocolate (optional topping)

Add the frozen fruits and the milk or water in the Vitamix and blend it on high speed for 20 secs and voila it’s ready!!
You can use any fruit combo you like and ENJOY!!!!


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