Recognize and Remedy Common Vata Imbalances

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Does this sound familiar in your household? I have been hearing these common symptoms from my friends and family. BTW, do you like my new creativity – the cartoon above, had so much fun making it! :)

You know you are into vata season when it tends to be a drag to complete your chores, loose focus to finish your errand list. In my own experience, past few days, it’s been difficult for me to pull myself to go to yoga…I literally have to drag myself there…good thing is once I am done, I feel rejuvenated!

Your dosha may not be vata dominant but it is key to make sure it is in balance. Pitta and kapha doshas cannot move without vata. Anything that moves in our bodies and mind is controlled by vata. It controls the blood flow, elimination of wastes, breathing and even thoughts that come and go in our minds is governed by the vata ruler! No wonder it’s called the “King of Doshas”!

The main elements that make up vata are air + ether. So, when the wind begins to blow and air gets cold and dry, we start experiencing imbalance in our bodies. Here are few questions to ask yourself to find out if vata is in excess in your body and if it needs to be balanced.

Ayurvedic Vata Imbalance Symptoms (

Armed with the wisdom and knowledge of Ayurveda, we can pacify the vata dosha to experience this beautiful fall season. The main mantra to bring vata in balance is routine, routine, routine!.

Favor more the sweet, sour, and salty tastes to pacify vata. In today’s society we are pretty addicted to sweet and salty foods and not bad on consuming sour foods either….

So, go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth, but make a conscious choice of eating healthier desserts made with all natural whole food sweeteners like dates and figs. Below is an easy to follow guideline chart to help you to eat a vata balanced diet. The best part I like about this vata season is I get to indulge in some freshly cooked, heavy, oily and nourishing foods in moderation of course! ;)

Remedy Ayurvedic Vata Imbalance Daily Regime (

Here is a trick I use, to help me follow routine in this┬áseason, I make a chart and stick it on my refrigerator to track my daily progress – I call this chart ‘Vata Routine Tracker‘. If you want to bring your vata in balance, it’s important to make sure you get up at the same time and go to bed at the same time. This automatically puts your body in routine and in motion. Pick only 3-5 attributes on your chart to track, don’t make it too complicated. Try it…it works! :)

Would love to hear from you, on how you take care of yourself during this vata season.

Hello Vata Season!!

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