Vedic Sesame Ladoos

This is my first post for 2014 – Happy New Year!! and Happy Sankranthi to all my Indian friends!!

Let me start by saying these tridsohic treats are addictive! :) Ayurvedic text highly regards Sesame seeds for numerous health benefits and is a common pantry staple in many Indian kitchens.

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As a kid growing up in India, I loved my mom’s til ladoos a.k.a. sesame balls. They were her specialty and many of our relatives would line up to get their hands on her yummy treats! She made them with a special jaggery called “chikki bella” that used to come in the market only during the season of Sankranthi (the harvest festival of India). The sesame balls were super-duper delicious and my dad and I waited for these treats all year long….

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Today, living my own life here in US, I make my “vedic” version of Sesame Balls which I feel are much much healthier and filling, right for my body constitution, easily digestible, and definitely a treat for the taste buds! (must confess my mom’s ladoos were super delicious can’t beat her cooking and the love she poured into all her dishes…right!)

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Sesame seeds are a big part in all the auspicious occasions, rituals, marriage ceremonies in India as they hold religious and mythological importance. Per Ayurveda, sesame seeds contain four of the six rasas (tastes): sweet, bitter, astringent and pungent. The biggest reward you get by including sesame seeds in your diet, it balances and pacifies your vata dosha. Eating raw sesame seeds increases pitta and kapha doshas, but if we dry roast the sesame seeds on a low flame it balances all three doshas! To keep my pitta in balance have roasted the sesame seeds in this recipe. You could use them raw (preferably soaked) when you make them.

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Here is the recipe – makes about 8-10 balls. This recipe is all raw except for the roasted sesame seeds.

.2 cups dry roasted Sesame seeds
.1/2 cup soaked Chia seeds
.1/4 cup soaked Pumpkin seeds
.1/8 cup soaked Walnuts
.approx 5- 6 Medjool DatesĀ 
.1/2 handful Raisins
.1/2 cup shredded Coconut Flakes
.1 tsp Cardamom pwd
.1/4 tsp Nutmeg and Cinnamon pwd
.Pinch of Himalayan salt

Gooey sugar paste – take the soaked chia seeds, dates, and raisins and blend them in a blender to a fine paste consistency. Add this paste to all the other ingredients in a bowl and form into balls or ladoos. Refrigerate them for about 2-4 hours and they are ready to dig! ENJOY!!

How can you go wrong with a recipe which uses whole food based natural sugars – indulge in this guilt free treats that gives you many side benefits like high protein, iron, loaded with rich minerals and vitamins.

Happy Healthy Eating!! :)

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