Mindful Eating with Ayurveda 3 Hour Workshop

I am excited to give this Ayurvedic workshop at the SRF Phoenix Temple founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. You are most welcome to attend this workshop if you are in the Phoenix area. It will be an engaging 3 hour workshop which includes hands-on Ayurvedic cooking demo. For details see the flyer below. Please ...Read More

One Ayurvedic Ritual Resulting in Weight Loss, Increased Energy, Clarity Of Mind….

Yes…it’s hard to believe…isn’t it?!! Practice just this ONE daily ritual in your life and you will be amazed to see the long list of benefits Ayurveda bestows on you! Maintaining your ideal weight to your body constitution, strong immunity, clarity of mind, increased energy and focus who doesn’t want this to ...Read More

Ayurvedic Rituals to help you achieve your Healthy New Year Goals!

Happy New Year!!! 2016 is here as we bid good bye to 2015…one more year gone by…hopefully everyone of us has gotten wiser along with getting older by a year 😉 Everywhere in the world the ‘New Year’s Day’ is arbitrarily picked to make ambitious goals, prioritize life and even to re-evaluate the life lived. ...Read More

Summer Vedic Lemonade and Free Ebook

Hello there! Here is my favorite summer beverage that I am excited to share with you all – lemonade made Ayurvedic style! This recipe was featured in CureJoy’s summer video series. Made with only 5 wholesome healthy ingredients!! Here is the added bonus link to my first FREE Ayurvedic Vegan Ebook. This recipe was developed ...Read More

Ayurveda for Women’s Well-Being (Upcoming Webinar & Video)

By popular demand, I am excited to let you know, Fall of 2015, will be doing an Ayurvedic series on women’s issues. Our first series kicks off with PCOS issues. Here is your chance to pre-register for this event. Don’t miss this opportunity. Pre-register with your name and email below.   ...Read More

Amla and Feminine Health

According to Ayurveda, a woman’s health is directly related to her menstrual cycles. Regular menstrual cycle is not just meant for conception and pregnancy. This process aids in detoxification of our bodily toxins and is highly regarded in Ayurveda for every woman to feel grounded, feminine, and most importantly get connected with ...Read More

Mother’s Day Rose Smoothie

Motherhood – all love begins and ends there… warm, loving and supportive made up my mother. Happy Mother’s Day!  I was curious to know how Mother’s Day came about and doing some research on Google, I came to know it rather has a little dark history behind it. The US version of Mother’s ...Read More

Vegan Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In the spirit of this fiesta, I thought I would gather some of my favorite Mexican inspired vegan recipes that I love making again and again… For my international subscribers not from US and Mexico – Cinco de Mayo in Spanish means “fifth of May”. This is a ...Read More

Mindful Eating To Honor Our Mother Earth!

Today is Earth Day (April 22nd). I was thinking what should I write that reflects my reverence and gratefulness, to our beloved Mother Earth. Growing up in the Eastern culture in India, very early on I was absorbed in the tradition of embracing, our Earth as the mother (feminine) aspect of Creation. It makes a lot ...Read More

Post-Holiday Meal – Maha Detox Soup

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This is just the perfect meal to swing back to routine after all the rich foods and pampering from the holidays!! Hearty warm soup refreshingly awakens my taste buds from all the low (zero)- nutrient rich foods from this holiday season. Hope you all had a nice holiday spent ...Read More