What Does Ayurveda Say To Eat In The Spring Season?

The best season of the year undoubtedly has to be the spring season! All of Mother Nature comes alive; everything around us is blooming and the birds are chirping…so pretty and energizing! To enjoy nature’s beautiful canvas, we need to know how to eat properly so that we don’t get bogged down with allergies, watery eyes, ...Read More

Summer Vedic Lemonade and Free Ebook

Hello there! Here is my favorite summer beverage that I am excited to share with you all – lemonade made Ayurvedic style! This recipe was featured in CureJoy’s summer video series. Made with only 5 wholesome healthy ingredients!! Here is the added bonus link to my first FREE Ayurvedic Vegan Ebook. This recipe was developed ...Read More

Golden Tea – Ayurvedic Spring Detox Tonic

It’s Springtime! The famous Indian poet Kalidas beautifully describes this colorful season: “Gentle breeze, softens the chilly air of the winter. The land comes to life as the flora suddenly bursts into maturity and young flowers bloom all over. The air is filled with intoxicating smell of fresh flowers and the effect ...Read More

Pumpkin Quinoa Paratha (flatbread)

This is the season of pumpkins, step into any grocery store, and you will find loads and loads of pumpkins, of all different sizes and shades. Something about pumpkins…their cheerful colors makes me feel happy and joyful The sweet and earthy flavor of pumpkins is soothing for vata doshas and balancing for ...Read More

Heavenly Mango Summer Smoothie

Mangoes are considered “King of all Fruits” by Ayurveda. Reason being two fold – in ancient India, kings took pride in owning hundreds of acres of mango farms and secondly mangoes both green raw and fully ripe mangoes are used extensively in ayurvedic medicine. Once you taste a fully ripe, sweet, juicy ...Read More

Raw Sushi Rolls

This is “the” perfect dish to get dad started on eating healthy and raw!! Someone wise once said ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ – this holds doubly true for dads!! I have never tasted “real” sushi rolls as I have been vegetarian all my life. But recently ...Read More

Gorgeous Green Smoothie

Get gorgeous with this perfect spring time smoothie!! Sweet to taste and loaded with antioxidants, this green drink is a perfect afternoon pick me up.  So easy to make and super healthy for you. I like using kale, you could use any greens you like – spinach, chard go well. Perfectly ripe pear and ...Read More

Chocolate Balls

Let me first tell you these glistening choco-licious balls are super addictive!! Within 10 mins they are ready to be devoured. Made with super healthy ingredients – 1 handful Walnuts 1 handful Cashews 2 tbsp Raw Cacao Pwd 1 tbsp Coconut Sugar 1 tsp Maple Syrup 1 tsp Vanilla essence Roughly chop ...Read More

Super Detox Smoothie

I bought a big bunch of fresh dandelion greens to try it out in a smoothie. If your goal is detoxification and cleansing, dandelion greens should be the ones you use in green smoothies! Here is my recipe for super detox! 2 Oranges 3 stalks Celery Few sprigs of Parsley 1 handful ...Read More