Ayurvedic Vata Tea (for Bloating, Constipation, Indigestion…)

This tea tastes refreshingly wonderful and balances the air element in our body. Made with few organic Ayurvedic spices  – a caffeine-free tea to balance the vata dosha. Functions of Samana and Apana Vata The organic Ayurvedic spices in this tea especially balance the samana and apana vata (these are the two of the five vata types). ...Read More

Ayurvedic Rituals to help you achieve your Healthy New Year Goals!

Happy New Year!!! 2016 is here as we bid good bye to 2015…one more year gone by…hopefully everyone of us has gotten wiser along with getting older by a year Everywhere in the world the ‘New Year’s Day’ is arbitrarily picked to make ambitious goals, prioritize life and even to re-evaluate the life lived. For ...Read More

Summer Vedic Lemonade and Free Ebook

Hello there! Here is my favorite summer beverage that I am excited to share with you all – lemonade made Ayurvedic style! This recipe was featured in CureJoy’s summer video series. Made with only 5 wholesome healthy ingredients!! Here is the added bonus link to my first FREE Ayurvedic Vegan Ebook. This recipe was developed ...Read More

Amla and Feminine Health

According to Ayurveda, a woman’s health is directly related to her menstrual cycles. Regular menstrual cycle is not just meant for conception and pregnancy. This process aids in detoxification of our bodily toxins and is highly regarded in Ayurveda for every woman to feel grounded, feminine, and most importantly get connected with ...Read More

Black Chana Vedic Curry

During the summertime, I need to be very conscious of what I eat in order to keep my pitta in balance. Extreme dry heat of Arizona takes no time for my body to get dehydrated, and this is the time to revamp my eating pattern. Getting to know Ayurveda and following it’s ...Read More

9 Healing Wonders of Ayurvedic Garam Masala

You cannot imagine any Indian cooking without the “quintessential” Garam Masala! The secret to the popularity of Indian curries lies in the blend of spices that imparts the unforgettable zing to your tastebuds. According to Ayurveda it’s this garam masala that brings all the six rasas (tastes) into a dish to formulate ...Read More

Spinach-Mung Detox Soup

This is the season of vata – warm soups, hot cup of teas, fall breezes, and spectacular foliage. Long before we knew about food pyramids, RDA’s (recommended daily allowances), Ayurveda came up with six distinct tastes to formulate a balanced diet. Amongst the six tastes, three of which reduce a dosha and three ...Read More

Ginger Elixir – Ayurvedic Digestive Drink

This is an easy to make Ayurvedic Digestive Drink. Ginger acts wonders to fire up our digestive system. Good digestion is the cornerstone of health and well-being according to Ayurveda. When our digestive system is working well, we absorb all the necessary nutrients from the food we eat, enjoy healthy circulation and ...Read More

Smoothies Reduce Fiber Content?

Recently, I came across few articles mentioning that blending smoothies may impact the fiber consumption in our bodies. Does blending my green smoothie destroy the fiber content in my veggies and fruits? The number one reason I drink green smoothies is because it’s a convenient way to get balanced nutrition in a ...Read More

Triphala – not just a laxative…

Triphala is one of the most popular and widely used Ayurvedic herb in India. It’s now catching up in the West as a gentle bowel tonic, helpful in digestion and supporting regular bowel movements. It caught the limelight when it was featured by Dr OZ as a natural remedy for bloating and ...Read More